Spiritual Energy

In Asatru religious practice, you will encounter different energies. To maximize the benefit of these encounters, it helps to be able to recognize them and tune into them. Most humans will deal with three types of energies. Of course, the other energies have many similarities.

Hamingja (typically pronounced ham-ing-ya) is your personal energy, has to do with your ability to interact with the greater part of the world, and will affect your "luck". Kinfylga (kin-fill-ga) is the energy associated with your family. The Wyrd is the universal energy and it is everything.

By understanding these things, and learning to recognize characteristics of them, you will be able to adjust to issues in your world and make things better. The discussion must use words that are associated with physics and old hippies. We must speak not only of vibrations and harmonies, but also of probabilities and potentials. In keeping with the Asatru belief that the body and soul are part of the Whole, we recognize that these energies are just as important to our physical world as our physical bodies.

To feel these energies directly, we must engage in meditation. The methods of meditation universally share certain characteristics in all cultures. One must find a place where the distractions will not be greater than one's ability to ignore them. One must calm the mind and body. One must breathe in a controlled manner, breathing in deeply and fully and then exhaling fully as well. Once the body and mind are calmed, one listens to the energies as needed.