Catch the Wind

Asatru people tend to be environmentally conscious, so it stands to reason that we would want to do our part to make things better. At the same time, we tend to be a self-reliant lot who like to take care of things ourselves. That's one of the reason why wind power is a good choice for people like us.

We know that global warming needs to be stopped. Of course, when scientists say "warm" they are referring to heat energy and that shows up in our atmosphere as more movement. That's one of the reasons why cold and warm fronts move a little further south these days. We get deep cold bursts and then extra heat. Floods and rains show up in places that aren't used to them. That is a lot of energy to deal with.

From a religious point of view, we can assume that global warming, though helped along by humanity, is encouraged by the agents of the Fire Giants. They would prefer a hotter, more chaotic Middle World. This is another reason why we should do what we can to minimize the global warming problem. The giants are the enemies of the Gods; we are the allies of the Gods.

What Can You Do?

There are several options for the interested person to take. Some require more work and some require more risk. You will have to decide whether you are interested in any of these suggestions, and you are encouraged to find other options as well.

Personal Wind Turbine

You can choose to have a wind turbine of your own. Whether it generates energy or is just decorative, there are many options. One of the most rewarding choices is to build one yourself. There are instructions all over the Internet, such as at You could build a small turbine to light your garden path, or you could build a large one to power part of your home. Perhaps you could build a small, portable apparatus to power your electronics while you are camping. Be sure to check with your local zoning laws to make sure you are in compliance.

There are also commercially available wind turbines for home or small building use. A quick web search should lead you to an assortment. Be sure to note the country of origin and make sure that the electricity generated is in a form compatible with your locale.

Invest in Wind Power

There are companies out there who are putting effort into wind and other renewable sources of energy. If you are inclined, you can invest in those companies. This not only encourages them to pursue these options, but you may make a profit in the long run.

Again, a web search may help you get started. Sites like The Motley Fool may have suggestions. It is best, however, to talk with a financial advisor who knows about these things and can give you guidance. Investments can be risky, and it is easy to lose the money you put in.

Write Letters or Emails

Many people never think to do this sort of thing, but it is important to communicate with decision makers. Whether it is corporate or government, many decision makers assume that a reasoned letter or two represents the thought of more than that writer. That's why this part is so important.

Find out what your local electric service provider is doing to support wind power production. Do they have wind turbines themselves? Do they encourage landowners to set up their own wind stations? Once you know these things, let the company know that you support these types of initiatives. Make sure tell them how important this is to you.

The same applies to your elected officials. Find out where they stand on these issues and make sure they know where you stand. At higher levels, tell them you want to see more support from the government for wind energy and other renewable energy sources. At the local level, make sure zoning rules support person power generators based on wind or solar. If possible, get your neighbors involved to do the same thing.


We may not be able to stop global warming on our own, but we can join in with the others who are working on this issue too. We can also do our part to better our situations by investing in our own generators or in companies that are building them commercially. We can catch the wind and turn it to our profit all while making the world a better place. The Gods will surely approve of those efforts.

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