Welcome to the Vidar's Gothi web site. This page will tell you a little about the site itself.

Vidar is the son of Odin, the Germano-Norse god. That old religion still exists in the world and people call it Asatru. In that religion, they call a priest gothi. This site is from a priest of the god Vidar, that is, Vidar's Gothi.

You are welcome to disagree with the religion or with even Vidar's Gothi himself. The items you find here are the writings on the gothi based on his religious experiences. Even if you do disagree with things here, please consider some of the ideas and see if they have something useful to use.

I created this site for the furtherance and promotion of the Asatru religion. Vidar is known as the "Far Seeing" for his ability to know the future times when Odin has passed and it is Vidar who must watch over the worlds. I present His advice with that in mind.

Please enjoy the site.