How to Tell if I Belong to Asatru

Often get asked how one can tell if Asatru is the correct religion to follow.

A Few General Ideas

First, in Asatru, there is no requirement that everyone join in. We believe that the nature of the universe is what it is regardless of whether you believe in it. Where you go in the afterlife will be determined by your character and not by platitudes. From this point of view, you are sort of an Asatru person whether you believe it or not.

Secondly, Asatru is a polytheistic religion with many regional variations in practice. This can make it seem difficult to find the right combination of deities and rituals that help you fit in. That's not really a problem, because it also implies that you will eventually find some place to be.

Third, it is important to note that everyone is not only welcome, but encouraged to be Asatru. If you find a local group of Asatruar with whom you don't fit, you can still be Asatru. There are some who claim to be Asatru to promote racism and such, but there is none of that in ancient Asatru. If you find connection with the Gods, you are part of the religion.

General Types

There are different types of Asatru practitioners. I'll list a few of them here. These are based on my observations and other people may have other groupings. These grouping are just to get you a general idea. Keep in mind that almost all Asatruar will have some component of these group ideas in their faith, just to varying degrees.


The Traditionalists not only worship our Gods, but would prefer to live more like their ancestors lived over a thousand years ago. They enjoy the style of dress and the living conditions. Some will go as far as to limit the intrusions of the modern world into their homes. Most of these people realize that they still have to get along with the modern world, but they prefer the more simple life and struggle that their ancestors endured.

Nature Worshiper

Like many old religions, nature plays a major role. In Asatru, there are many deities and lesser beings associated with nature. The worshipers of nature often prefer to be outdoors when they can. Many of them will have gardens or will camp as often as they can. The wild places are for them and they will defend nature when they can. In urban areas, these people will be found trying to take care of parks and may be active in community efforts to do the same. Those who can may try to become park rangers.

Ancestor Worshiper

The family spirit is called Kinfylga. This is the energy that binds families together across time and space. In some cases, a person is so strongly tied to a family that, when they die, they stick around to help the rest of the family. Such a person, almost always a woman, is called a Dis. There is great power in family.

Many Asatru people start by feeling a connection to family energy or the ancestors. This pulls them the rest of the way into the religion. Sometimes this starts as dreams and other times it starts during a period of family stress. The old family spirit flows through the person and they begin to see the things the family did throughout time.

Called to a Patron Deity

For some, a particular God is the first taste of Asatru. They may read about a God and suddenly feel the connection. In other cases, they may experience some profound aspect of nature or other situation and only learn about the God later. Whatever the case, that connection with a God is the introduction to Asatru.


Many feel the call to battle in one form or another. They can see the bravery of their ancestors and want to rush to join them. These Asatruar often partake in occupations where they can benefit their society and use their strength and bravery. Soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, these are all warriors in today's world.


The ancient Asatruar lived as well as they could in the time they existed. There was a spirit of doing the best you could to improve yourself and your community. Where the Traditionalists look back to the practice of the ancestors, the Modernist looks back to their spirit and applies it to the modern world. The modernist still feels the Gods and the Kinfylga, but is more likely to look at world markets, technology, and all the other things that the modern world brings. The Modernist sees a future where the stars are populated with Asatruar.

Do I Have to Pick One of These?

No, this is just a sample of the type of people who already belong to Asatru. These examples can help you make the decision to give it a try. Now, we just have to see what characteristics might lead you to the Gods.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you believe that you are responsible for your own actions? If so, you share this belief with the Asatruar. We don't blame some devil for our behavior; it's all on us.
Do you believe that law must be tempered with reason and sense? That's another one where you may agree with Asatru. We know that either absolute order or absolute chaos is bad. We have laws to help maintain things, but if the laws are not tempered with reason, then they become absolute order which, as was just mentioned, is bad.

Do you believe that you have a responsibility to make your community better? You should. Your community is where you live. There may be a lot of differing opinions in your community about how things should run. IF you aren't involved and the opposite people are, then things are only going to get worse.

Do you believe that humans are part of nature and not something set apart from it? If you do, then you share this belief with the Asatru community.

Do you believe that respect is earned and not just given? Again, you are getting along with Asatru.

Do you believe that there is more to life than just waiting for the afterlife, that there are rewards to be gained here and now? If so, you could be an Asatru person. We consider life to be full of responsibilities. The afterlife can be the same way. We won't be herded around through our living days while hearing about the benefits to come at a later date; that just isn't the Asatru way.

How Did You Do?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are already compatible with much of the Asatru community's life philosophy. Now you just have to decide whether you are comfortable with our religious cosmology. Unfortunately, there aren't any good ways to guide you through that; it is very personal.

Next Steps

If you feel all converted after this, make sure to go learn more about your new religion. Meditate on a few Gods to see what you can find. You may also want to try to find others like you.

If this hasn't helped you decide to join, I hope it has at least told you a little more about us. You are still encouraged to learn more about the religion so you will know who we are and that we aren't "bad" people or "crazies". Who knows, if you persevere and learn much, you may be fortunate enough to become one of one day.