Mother Night 2023

It is Mother Night, the first night of Yule (Jul)! This is a time to celebrate the cycle of the year, the fact that you've made it this far, and that the days will soon be getting longer! In addition to the traditional feast, what other things can you do on this glorious holiday?

More Asatru and AI

In the last posting, Google Bard, a Large Language Model (LLM) AI, to compose a blöt to Vidar. It did a fairly good job despite some limitations. This brought up questions about how else Asatru shows up in these models. Along that line, I have asked a couple more questions. The responses surprised me a bit.

AI and Ritual

The news is full of stories of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular Large Language Models (LLMs). People are using them for many different kinds of tasks, with mixed results. Curiosity led to the question: what can an AI say about Asatru?

Roe vs Wade

In June 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a 1973 ruling that allowed for legal abortion throughout the entire country. Regardless of your stand on abortion, this should be worriesome for all non-Christians in the U. S. because it is a victory for the Christian religious extremists. If they continue rolling back previous decisions, it can get a lot worse for us.

Volunteering for the Ukraine

As you may have heard, Ukraine is accepting foreign volunteers in their fight to drive off Russian invaders. For those either passionate about defending the underdog, or just wanting a chance to prove themselves, this sounds like a promising opportunity. The question becomes, should you go?

Nine Conversations in Print

The front book cover of the Nine Conversations.

Due to the popularity of the Nine Conversations, it is now available in a pocket-sized print book. This will make it easier to take the advice with you. You can get your copy at Barnes and Noble or at

Book Review: Runes Plain and Simple

Another Rune book caught my eye, so I bought it. The book is called Runes Plain & Simple by Kim Farnell (ISBN: 9781571747495). Having read through it, I found there are some very good things, and a few questionable. I'll explain.

The Nine Conversations

Being a gothi/gythia is a serious undertaking. There is so much to learn over a lifetime, but there are many people who want to follow that path. That is why there are so many questions about it.

Thanksgiving 2020

The cycle of the year brings us around again. The year known as 2020 has been tough for everyone across the planet. Perseverance is a noble virtue, so we go on. We do the things we need to do. We face the challenges with a frightening laugh and rend those challenges with our bare hands (being sure to sanitize afterward). There is much to be thankful for.

Civil Unrest

Stories of civil unrest fill the headlines these days. In the United States, and other places in the world, people rise up in protest. Counter protestors rise to meet them. Government forces either fight all of them or side with one of the groups. These stories make for stressful times. What is to be made of all of this.


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