The League of Forseti

Vidar whispers of the League of Forseti. The group started, or will start, with a group of Asatru law students devoted to the God of Justice. They quickly found that they had to keep their association with the League quiet for professional reasons, but they grew anyway.

Through use of the Internet, the League continued to grow, adding more law students at more locations.

Preparing for Christmas

(NOTE: This article originally appeared on the old version of this web site. This is why it suggests that Yule is about over even though it isn't at this time.)

For the Asatruar, Yule is almost over. Hopefully, you have had time to think about the coming year and maybe make some plans. I would like you to take some time to think about how you will handle next year's Christmas celebration by the Christians.

The New Forum

As you may have noticed, the forum is available. This is for the Asatru community to discuss and contribute as they feel. Please feel free to apply yourself.

Elections Coming Up

Elections come soon in the United States. There are many local, state, and Congressional seats up for grabs, but people focus on the presidential election. As a matter of propriety, I will not tell you how to cast your vote; you should be smart enough to do that yourself. However, I will put out a few things to think about.

How Do You Celebrate Yule?

It is almost time for Yule. Do you have any special celebratory plans? Do you do nine days or twelve? Do you get along well with your Christian family and friends as they celebrate Christmas?

I like to go a little light on the food on the night of the solstice. I will have a small amount of cheese, sausage, and an apple. I take the time to think about the previous year and the one just around the corner. Those with me will sit around by candle light and chat. We will tell the Sagas and few yarns of our own.


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