Guardian Angels

You may see in popular Christian culture, various references to guardian angels. They claim these beneficent, cherub-like things flit around and try to fix stuff and keep their assignees out of trouble. However, if you look through their Bible, you won't find any of these creatures, and the angels you do find are rather horrific. So, where does the idea of guardian angels come from? Asatru has the answer.

The Coming Harvest

I drove through the countryside and realized that the crops in the fields were nearing harvest. The green edges started to show the touch of brown that would spread through them all within a month or so. Though I am not a farmer, it did get me thinking; am I ready to harvest the things I've worked for?

What's in a Name?

One of the struggles in writing for this site is that people in our religion call themselves different things depending on which region or language gives them the most comfort. To complicate things, opposition religions sometimes use the same words as a negative, so we have to deal with that. All of this got me thinking, what can we collectively call ourselves without losing the ability for individuals to keep their individual preferences?

Acceptable Levels of Intolerance

Regular visitors to this site know that I advocate a progressive, tolerant version of our religion. I tend to believe Gods intend for all humans to be their allies. It is important to understand, though, that this is different from accepting the harmful beliefs or actions of others. There is an acceptable level of intolerance, but it must be directed at specific harmful actions.

In Defense of Icelanders

Regular visitor Andrew sent to me a link to an article describing how the Asatru Organization Ásatrúarfélag was receiving hate mail from people in other countries who claim to be Asatru.

Old Gods

When you have to explain your religion to someone unfamiliar with it, there is a temptation to say you worship the Old Gods. I have heard this plenty of times and I have used that phrasing myself. However, this may send the wrong message.

More About the Asatru Temple

Iceland Review On Line has a nice write-up about the new Asatru Temple being built in Reykjavik Iceland. Not only does it talk about the temple, but it also describes some of the religious activities. "Temple of Tradition" by EYGLÓ SVALA ARNARSDÓTTIR, June 12, 2015

Folkists and Racists

I read an article about an group claiming to be Asatru who were meeting in a public park. Concerned citizens thought they looked suspicious and called the authorities. They were kicked out of the park and told not to come back. After they protested to the park administration, they were told that the person who made such an order was in the wrong and that they were allowed to peacefully practice their religion in the park. I thought that would be great to point out as an example of law trumping religious oppression. Then the article went on to describe the group's "folkist" ways.

Memorial Day 2015

This Monday, May 25, is Memorial Day in the United States. What started as a day to honor Union Troops from the American Civil War expanded to honor all troops who have fallen in defense of freedom. Since freedom of religion is one of the freedoms that makes it easier for us to get on with our faith, we should participate in this too.

Faring Forth

Reader Astrid asked about the practice of Faring Forth. This is where we visit the other of the Nine Worlds without having to die first. It is an interesting activity and others may want to know about it, so this is what you need to know to get started.


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