Fixed the Forums

It was brought to my attention that the forums were not working. If you tried to use one and couldn't, I apologize. The forums should be working now. Please take a look.

NSA Spying

The news of the day is that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting and analyzing telephone and web data. Many people are very upset by this revelation. What does it mean to the Asatruar? For us, it is a mixed bag.

Ship of the Dead

Humans are usually on the side of the Gods, so it seems odd that, when the Final Battle happens, there will be a ship of dead humans who sail with the enemy. It raises the question, what would cause them to change sides? The answer is fairly simple.

Kidnapped and Captive

You may have seen recent news coverage about several women who were kidnapped in Cleveland and held captive for over a decade. This is tragic and we all feel bad for the women and feel bad things about the culprit(s). Many of us feel another set of emotions. How do we protect our loved ones from this sort of situation?

Heathen Town Welcomes You

Road Sign says: Heathen Town Welcomes You

I went to the quiet place and there sat in commune with the silence. The image delivered to me showed a small city. There were homes, green spaces, schools, and businesses. The roads leading into the city carried the same sign: Heathen Town Welcomes You!

Some heathens decided to go to a particular small suburb of a city that wasn't too large. Poorly developed, the suburb's property prices were low. As a suburb, it had access to jobs in the attached city. With these conditions, and the spread of the plan, Asatruar from far away converged there.

How to Tell Your Family You Converted to Asatru

Many Asatru people started out as members of another religion. Typically, they still have family, friends, and coworkers who are still members of that religion. It can be a daunting task to tell everyone about your change of faith, but many others have done it before you. It is just something you must face.

Why is Thor so Popular?

I've often been asked why Thor is so popular. He is one of the best known Gods, even outside of the Asatru folk. There is a major comic book franchise based on Him. That is mighty impressive in a heavily Christian world. So what does He have that makes His comic books sell better than those of other religious figures?

Thor's Hammer Pendants

Thor's Hammer

Many Asatru people wear Hammer necklaces. These Hammers are representative of Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir. For some, it is a protective amulet. For others, it is just a reminder of their connection with the Gods. Either way, it is a symbol of the religion called Asatru.

Atheist Shoes and the United States Postal Service

Through a web site called Slash Dot, I came across a story about a company in Germany called Atheist Shoes. After hearing stories about problems with their packages when shipped to the United States, they performed an experiment. To an Asatru person, the results were not a surprise.

Spiritual Energy

In Asatru religious practice, you will encounter different energies. To maximize the benefit of these encounters, it helps to be able to recognize them and tune into them. Most humans will deal with three types of energies. Of course, the other energies have many similarities.

Hamingja (typically pronounced ham-ing-ya) is your personal energy, has to do with your ability to interact with the greater part of the world, and will affect your "luck". Kinfylga (kin-fill-ga) is the energy associated with your family. The Wyrd is the universal energy and it is everything.


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