Ul, God of Winter

It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere. By the skis of Ul, it's snowy and cold out there. Snow and cold are things that are not very friendly to human life. Fortunately there is help: the God of Winter, Ul.

End of Yule

As we approach the end of Yule, we prepare to start a new year. As you close out your celebrations, it is time to include some planning.

The end of Yule is usually accompanied by a feast. This is a celebration of the lengthening days. We acknowledge that the warmth of the sun is returning. We celebrate a world reborn. Are you reborn as well?

Winter Solstice 2012

Today is the Winter Solstice, that shortest of days and longest of nights. It is also the traditional start of Yule. It is time to think about the previous year and contemplate where to go in the next.

If your climate is amenable to such things, the Winter Solstice happens in winter and most of nature looks a bit dead. We know that it is not dead, of course, but is merely sleeping. Most of the plants and animals entered a dormant state or shuffled off to warmer climes. There, they wait.

Looming Fiscal Cliff

For those in the United States there is the looming issue of the so-called Fiscal Cliff. This is ending of a set of tax rules that will automatically set tax rates up for most people and remove a great deal of deductions and exemptions. Many are afraid about what this will do to businesses, jobs, and the pocketbook. Others are just worried about how messed up a government must be to get into such a position.

How Does a God Choose You?

Because I am a gothi dedicated to a specific deity, folks sometimes ask how a God chooses a person. Unfortunately, that is not a simple question and yet, there is a sort of simple answer.
At no time did I ever think of Vidar as choosing me. I always saw things as me hanging around so much that He just decided He should make use of me. That may or may not be how it happened; Gods are difficult to read most of the time.

What about the Children?

Many of us would have been better off financially in life if we had started learning about it as children. Unfortunately, the most education that many of us got was a brief section here or there as part of some class. There really should be more to it than that.

The people who are most responsible for the education of the children are the children's parents or guardians. Sure, these folks may not have the best education for this stuff themselves, but they must still try to make sure that the kids learn enough at the right time.

Your Money - Personal Finance

We are all familiar with money. It seems to be rather popular. Still, few know how to wield this tool effectively. That can be a problem, but it doesn't have to be.

Yule is Coming!

Yule is a time to celebrate the cycle of the year and the chance for new beginnings. When the Earth goes to ground in the dark of the Solstice, we trust that the Sun will return and bring with it growth and renewal. It is a time for new beginnings! Do you celebrate Yule? If so, please tell us about it in the forum.


If you have heard anything about Asatru as a religion, you have probably heard of Odin. He is pretty important to the religion, and thus, to the worlds. He and His brothers have been around longer than the worlds. It will do you good to get to know Him.

About the Gods

Asatru is a polytheistic religion. That means that we believe in more than one god. If you aren't used to that, the concept may be a little difficult to grasp. You may ask what are these gods and what do they do? You may really want to know how to relate to them. These are all good questions and I hope to get you on your way to understanding.


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