Atheist Shoes and the United States Postal Service

Through a web site called Slash Dot, I came across a story about a company in Germany called Atheist Shoes. After hearing stories about problems with their packages when shipped to the United States, they performed an experiment. To an Asatru person, the results were not a surprise.

Spiritual Energy

In Asatru religious practice, you will encounter different energies. To maximize the benefit of these encounters, it helps to be able to recognize them and tune into them. Most humans will deal with three types of energies. Of course, the other energies have many similarities.

Hamingja (typically pronounced ham-ing-ya) is your personal energy, has to do with your ability to interact with the greater part of the world, and will affect your "luck". Kinfylga (kin-fill-ga) is the energy associated with your family. The Wyrd is the universal energy and it is everything.

Asatru Groups

For those coming into Asatru from the outside, our group structure can be a little different. In reality, it is fundamentally the same as other human groups; only the dressing is strange. To add to the confusion, there are many different types of groups, though they tend to fit into categories.

Media Ownership

I went to a quiet place and there sat in commune with the silence. The image came to mind of an office where people signed a contract. The contract set up a mutual fund used to buy ownership into media companies.
Kindreds and other Asatru organizations set up agreements with Asatru-friendly fund managers. The members of the groups voluntarily contributed money to the funds, thereby buying their own little pieces of the funds. Though there were many types of funds used by these groups, the ones shown in this vision focused on media companies.

Frey Station

I went to the quiet place and there sat in commune with the silence. The image came to mind of the dark expanse of space. A metal wall came into view and the Runes on it said "Frey Station".

The wall was part of a large, hexagonal structure. Wide, metal tubes connected this part to many other hexagons. They formed a three-wide line of honeycomb that stretched into space. They curved so that each had a face directed at the sun.

Gun Control

Gun control is a big topic in the United States right now. With recent shootings, particularly the school shooting in Connecticut, many people want tougher gun control laws. As with most issues, there are many sides to the discussion, some more rational than others.

Ul, God of Winter

It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere. By the skis of Ul, it's snowy and cold out there. Snow and cold are things that are not very friendly to human life. Fortunately there is help: the God of Winter, Ul.

End of Yule

As we approach the end of Yule, we prepare to start a new year. As you close out your celebrations, it is time to include some planning.

The end of Yule is usually accompanied by a feast. This is a celebration of the lengthening days. We acknowledge that the warmth of the sun is returning. We celebrate a world reborn. Are you reborn as well?

Winter Solstice 2012

Today is the Winter Solstice, that shortest of days and longest of nights. It is also the traditional start of Yule. It is time to think about the previous year and contemplate where to go in the next.

If your climate is amenable to such things, the Winter Solstice happens in winter and most of nature looks a bit dead. We know that it is not dead, of course, but is merely sleeping. Most of the plants and animals entered a dormant state or shuffled off to warmer climes. There, they wait.

Looming Fiscal Cliff

For those in the United States there is the looming issue of the so-called Fiscal Cliff. This is ending of a set of tax rules that will automatically set tax rates up for most people and remove a great deal of deductions and exemptions. Many are afraid about what this will do to businesses, jobs, and the pocketbook. Others are just worried about how messed up a government must be to get into such a position.


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