Ship of the Dead

Humans are usually on the side of the Gods, so it seems odd that, when the Final Battle happens, there will be a ship of dead humans who sail with the enemy. It raises the question, what would cause them to change sides? The answer is fairly simple.

At first, one may think these are the various evil doers gnawed by Nithhogg the Dragon. It is possible that they are among the number. Some humans, however, will always see the Gods as enemies. The true enemies of the Nine Worlds will use these people to strengthen their armies.

You see, when a human dies they are confronted with the truth. It is a good truth and, though they may be sad to be passing, they are comforted with understanding with their place in things. They understand the Nine Worlds and that the Gods are our allies in the existence of all things. That is why there has never been a mandate of worship from the Gods; you will believe eventually anyway.

You probably know some people in the living world who are full of hate and anger. They use their religion, whatever it happens to be, to justify these negative emotions. When confronted with evidence that their faith is wrong, they grow more angry and, sometimes, violent. When they die, some of them hold onto their darkness.

Seeing the knowledge of the Nine Worlds, these people cry out that it is a trick of whatever evil entity they blame for things. They will not accept in their damaged minds that humans and the Gods are friends. They cannot release the disease of hatred and anger that has become so much of their soul. The enemy whispers to these people and encourages this wrongness.

When the ship of the dead finally sails, it is full of these poor souls who cannot let go of the anger that has been their companion for so long. They cannot win the battle, but they can lash out against those who challenge their delusions.

What do you do with such people? That is difficult to say. Many of them don't know any better, brought up to their beliefs. Insanity afflicts others. By making Asatru better known and accepted in the Middle World, it will help ease more of these damaged souls into understanding when they walk the Wide Bridge. We can't help all of them, of course, but we can do our best to save a few more.


Those that do not survive simply dissipate and their substance returns to the Wyrd. This same thing can happen when someone dies and does not have the strength to survive the transition.