Saxon Name for Vidar

The Saxon form of our religion uses different pronunciations for the names of the Gods and Goddesses, and often emphasizes different aspects of the faith. This is fine, of course; Saxons speak a western Germanic language and Scandinavians speak northern Germanic languages. However, the Saxons do seem to be missing Vidar from their known pantheon.


The Thumper Rebellion

I went to the quite place and there sat in commune with the silence.

For decades, they railed against any ideas that didn't agree with theirs. Many of them said things that took them to the edge of treason, only backing down when the law glared at them from across the room. That wouldn't last.

You Do Not Need to Be Saved

For those who are not Christian, there is one concept from their religion that is always perplexing. They chat about it, sing about it, and fight amongst themselves about it. One can easily sum it up in their question, "Have you been Saved?"

Asatru and Education

In Asatru, we try to better ourselves not only for our own good, but so we can contribute more to the community. In addition to improving our health through proper diet and exercise, we try to strengthen our minds through mental exercise. One of the best ways to exercise the brain is through learning.

The Television Watching Wolf

The Havamal says, "A sleeping wolf gets no bone, nor a sleeping man victory." The point of this expression is obviously a warning against laziness. In our modern world, we should amend the expression to be, "A television watching wolf gets no bone…"

Watching television can be an enjoyable and, sometimes, an educational activity. The same goes for computer or video game time. It is easy for these activities to start taking up too much of one's life and disrupting productivity.

Norther Folk Gathering

I will be attending the Northern Folk Gathering in Minnesota later this week. It runs from June 27 through June 30, 2013 and is run by Volkshof Kindred. You can read more about it here: I hope to see many of you there.

Fixed the Forums

It was brought to my attention that the forums were not working. If you tried to use one and couldn't, I apologize. The forums should be working now. Please take a look.

NSA Spying

The news of the day is that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting and analyzing telephone and web data. Many people are very upset by this revelation. What does it mean to the Asatruar? For us, it is a mixed bag.

Ship of the Dead

Humans are usually on the side of the Gods, so it seems odd that, when the Final Battle happens, there will be a ship of dead humans who sail with the enemy. It raises the question, what would cause them to change sides? The answer is fairly simple.

Kidnapped and Captive

You may have seen recent news coverage about several women who were kidnapped in Cleveland and held captive for over a decade. This is tragic and we all feel bad for the women and feel bad things about the culprit(s). Many of us feel another set of emotions. How do we protect our loved ones from this sort of situation?


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