Why Driving is a Heathen Issue

Some have asked me why learning to drive is a Heathen issue. They suggest that maybe the web site could be better used to encourage Heathen activities or to teach more about what the Gods are about or what Vidar wants. I can see their point and I agree that an explanation is in order.

Unlike some religions, ours makes it clear that we are to do things within this world and it isn't all about the afterlife. In order to do our parts in the eternal struggle to balance out the Fire and Ice, we need to be as strong as we can within this world. That implies an effort toward adaptability and material success.

In the modern, industrialized world, people judge material success by the vehicle one owns and operates. This is the similar to the way that our ancestors judged worldly wealth by cattle, horses, and similar. The reason this is a measure of success is that it requires some success to be able to afford a vehicle. If you are successful and have the means to demonstrate it, people who are not members of our religion are more likely to take you seriously when you claim to follow the Old Gods.

We aren't just about accumulating wealth though. To be an effective ally to the Gods, you must be strong, capable, and resourceful. That's why it is a good idea to be able to operate many different types of vehicles. When an emergency comes up, it is good if you can take the wheel, both literally and figuratively, and get everyone to safety. It helps you overcome more possible situations. It helps you serve the Gods.

So, that's why there is an article on learning to drive. In general, we should all strive to be capable, well-respected members of society. That will help us encourage others to behave in a properly Heathen fashion. That will help the Gods.