Learn to Drive

The world is a large place and things happen fast. That means transportation is important. There are many different format of transportation available. How many can you use?

The need for transportation is obvious. You need to get around. Maybe you need to help others or perhaps move some cargo. Either way, the right vehicle goes a long way toward making that easy or even possible.

Being able to use the right vehicle may help with your career. The ability to travel over a wider range gives you access to more job openings. Some careers are centered on operating a vehicle. Heavy equipment operator, pilot, bus or truck driver are examples of such jobs. Some of these require special training or a specific license like a pilot's license or Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

Being a skilled driver can also bring social status. Depending on your local culture, the right vehicle can bring increased respect or coolness. Some people think motorcycles are cool. Others think horses are cool. Being able to show skill means others may respect you more, regardless of how important that skill is in the big scheme of things.