Asatru and Education

In Asatru, we try to better ourselves not only for our own good, but so we can contribute more to the community. In addition to improving our health through proper diet and exercise, we try to strengthen our minds through mental exercise. One of the best ways to exercise the brain is through learning.

Traditionally, all free people have valued education. Education gives you tools that will improve your life in many ways. You will be more employable. In your job, you may achieve a higher position more easily (military officers, for example). You will probably earn more during your life. General society will respect you more. You will probably be a better citizen in general. While leaders in some religions preach against education, the Asatru person embraces it.

Here are some things you will need to think about as you look at your education opportunities.

We divide education into formal education and informal education. Informal education is all the stuff you learn just by staying alive. For example, you learn that fire is hot, ice is cold, and that dogs can bite. These aren't things for which you attend classes. Going to school is how you get formal education; that's the topic here.