You Do Not Need to Be Saved

For those who are not Christian, there is one concept from their religion that is always perplexing. They chat about it, sing about it, and fight amongst themselves about it. One can easily sum it up in their question, "Have you been Saved?"

Early Christianity was an offshoot of the Hebrew religion. To the Hebrew perspective, they were the Chosen People, regardless of what happened, and outsiders were not. There was no imperative to spread their faith to others. Christianity changed that.

In essence, anyone could be a Christian. It was very open. If you are going to spread a religion, you need to have a good hook. Why would anyone accept your religion if they already had one? The hook was: how can you go to a good place after death if you don't have the proper stamp on the back of your hand. With the idea of Original Sin, they say, all humans are born naughty and must get the stamp to show that they have bathed properly.

That's a metaphorical stamp, of course, but the idea worked. Many people converted. Eventually, when the Christian numbers grew large enough they would just resort to violent conversion. Still, into these days, when they can't use violence they fall back to the old trick.

Using the same metaphor, one of the main differences between Muslims and Christians is the argument over whose stamp you need to get into paradise. There are plenty of other differences, of course, but that it the one relevant to this discussion.

The reason all of this is such a mystery to those of us who aren't part of that religious complex is that we know you don't need to be saved. There is nothing inherently evil about humans. There is no Original Sin. You simply live your life properly and you will join your ancestors as appropriate. You don't have to sign up or pay anyone. You don't even have to claim you know the owner.

When confronted with the Christian who wants to save you, just remember that there is a fair chance that the person means well. If they keep it up, though, call the police and complain about some religious nut harassing you.