Spring Weather

Dark clouds behind the trees of a forested area.

Spring is coming in the northern hemisphere and that means the possibility of severe weather. Who would know more about weather and severe weather than a bunch of Heathens like ourselves? There's more than just noticing the severe weather, you can actually do something to make your community safer thereby being a responsible Heathen.

It's fairly simple to become a trained weather spotter; the National Weather Service provides the training at no cost. These sessions typically last approximately two hours and teach you everything you need to know to recognize weather that is a danger to life and property. To find one of these training sessions simply go to the National Weather Service website (http://www.nws.noaa.gov/skywarn/) and look under the severe weather training. This should show you a link to a list of training options in your area. If you are not in the United States, your country may have something similar.

Not only does this training tell you things needed to keep yourself and your family safe, but it also allows you to interact with your environment and your community. Being an active and productive member of your community is important for every Heathen. This training also gives you some authority; you will be able to call into the National Weather Service or your local 911 service to tell them of approaching or existing hostile weather. This is at least a small way to be a hero.


There are often things in the community that are Heathen-friendly. Try finding out if you have a police auxiliary or similar. Volunteer fire departments are always looking for people. You can also look for chances to participate in cleanups of parks or along roads. There are plenty of options.

If you find any or can think of any, please feel free to share them here for the benefit of other Heathens.