Sing a Song to Say it Strong

We all know that the Wyrd is filled with the various vibrations that make up the worlds. The Runes represent the patterns of the vibrations, sort of like chords in music. What happens when we make our own sounds? How does this affect the vibrations on the Wyrd? Those are the questions surrounding galdor.

Galdor is the singing done by our ancestors to cause changes in the world. It's why our culture pictures wizards doing magic by chanting spells. Of course, not everyone who practiced this ancient art was a wizard. It was commonplace among our ancestors to do this, especially for little, daily issues. To them, there was no distinction between prayer, science, and magic.

In the modern world, we still see this. Look at positive affirmations people use to better themselves. Are these not just chants? How often do we see the fans of sports teams chanting in unison in the bleachers? How is that different from a war or hunting party chanting to encourage success on their mission? How many times do you find yourself humming the jingle of some company, a jingle designed to make you think of the company so you would be more likely to buy things from them?

If all this is going on anyway, you should probably learn a little more about the nature of galdor. If these sound vibrations are changing the nature of your world, then you should probably be able to defend your world and try to put it into the shape you want it to be.

How do You do All of This?

Galdor starts out with a statement. In what state would you like the world to be? It can be a small change or something huge. Now, make that statement something positive. What I mean by that is that you should phrase your statement from a positive angle instead of a negative one. Instead of stating how you want your bills to be paid (implying that you have bills) you would state that you have no bills. These both amount to the same thing, but one does not include the negative aspect. Another example is that you would want to say that you are healthy rather than state that you will overcome your illness. The second part of this one reinforces the existence of the illness.

The next part is to change your statement into the past tense, as though it is already the state of things. Saying that you will be healthy implies that you are not currently healthy. Saying that you are healthy right now reinforces the positive. You can think of it like this: if you say that you are already healthy, imagine reality looking at you and going, "Oh no, I've dropped the ball on this one! This one is supposed to be healthy. I better make this person healthy before someone notices and I get in trouble."

Make it Easy

Now you have to make your statement easy to remember and say. Historically, this was done with two things. The first was to make the statement into the form of a story that explains that everything got better in the past and promises were made that it would stay good into the future. The story doesn't have to be specific, but it should emphasize the positive and that it already happened.

The second thing to help make it easier to remember and say was alliteration. That's where the first sound on the first stressed syllables of all the important words starts with the same sound. Technically, there is more to it than that, but for the purposes of galdor this is a good definition. If you've ever read any Old English poetry, you will see this pattern. In modern English poetry, alliteration is out of favor and end rhyme is preferred. That is fine in galdor, as long as you can remember and say your statement easily and with power.

How to Use It

Now that you have your statement, you will want to use it. Like all tools, how you use it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The easiest way to use galdor is to repeat your statement during meditation much like people use positive affirmations or mantras. This assumes that you are concentrating on the chanting and are letting yourself relax and connect to the Wyrd.

It is also common for galdor to be used with other tasks. If you are working on your car, you may have a galdor about functionality and driving to repeat while working. If you are making homebrew, you may have a galdor about happy, healthy yeast living a productive life. If you are performing first aid on someone, you may have a galdor about health and recovery to say quietly to yourself.

You can also perform galdor in a group. If your group has some common goal, there is no reason why you can't chant together before embarking on your task. It can help pull the team together and can bring focus to the goal, as well as any direct effect on the Wyrd. You will see this in small groups, but also in political rallies, religious groups, and advertising.

It may also be a good idea to keep a journal of your galdor. Write what you were attempting to do and whether you think it worked. Write down the specific galdor you created and the intermediate steps leading to the final form. Write down the count of times you said or sang your galdor, as well as any circumstances of those times. All of this will act as a learning tool as you try to build your skill.

Things to Learn

We can see from this that the power of speech can cause good and bad. Every time a newscaster tells you that things are getting bad, everyone watching repeats that things are bad (at least mentally). When we say things that make our situation worse, we are causing that damage on many levels. Negative speech is just as powerful as positive speech, but it is usually more effective because it seeks to tear down rather than build up. The forces of chaos want things torn down.

Try to avoid saying or doing negative things. You still have to be honest, but at least look for a positive version if you can. Honesty is particularly important, since your word has to mean something. What happens to your galdor statement if all of your other words are false?

More importantly, learn that we are all connected through the Wyrd and the actions of the smallest can have some effect on everyone. Use that knowledge to make the changes the Gods want you to make.