Heathens in Pandemic

A virus sweeps through the nations of the world. Governments scramble to find a cure or vaccine. People shelter in their homes whether through caution or law. How should the Asatruar adapt to this? It is covered in the old stories.

Book Review - Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic

Many in the Asatru and wider pagan community will recognize Diana L. Paxson. Her new book is called Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic (ISBN: 9781578636105). Like her other books, this one explores the topic in a way that will be educational for all readers.

Mother Night 2019

The Winter Solstice brings with it another Yule celebration. Of course, the first night of Yule is Mother Night. People often ask who the "Mother" is in Mother Night. Like most everything else in the Asatru Heathen world, that requires some discussion.

Military Allows Asatru Beards

This article from Business Insider says the United States Army will allow an Asatru soldier to keep his beard. The article "A US soldier who worships the Norse thunder god Thor just got permission to keep his beard" by John Haltiwanger, April 26, 2018 (accessed October 27, 2019), https://www.businessinsider.com/us-soldier-who-worships-norse-god-thor-permitted-to-keep-beard-2018-4

No Shame for Doing Your Best

The sixty-first verse of the Havamal tells us groom ourselves to the best of our ability and to not be ashamed if we do not own finery. This tells us much about self-respect and the respect we have for others. It is a good lesson for today.

No Joy in Bad Luck

The Havamal (the sayings of the High One) is one of the more important documents in the Asatru religion. It is presented as the words of a mysterious Lord of a Mead Hall (Odin) to an itinerant scop (musician/storyteller). Verse 128 (in many translations) advises us to never take joy from news about bad luck but always have joy in news about good luck. In the case of enemies, this would seem contradictory in some cases. What does this verse really mean?

Book Review: A Little Bit of Runes, An Introduction to Norse Divination

I found what appeared to be a cute, little book about Runes. This book is called A Little Bit of Runes, An Introduction to Norse Divination and was written by Cassandra Eason. Since I have an interest in Runes, I bought a copy for ten bucks to give it a review. It's not too bad, but there were a few unusual things.

Concerning Loki

A recent email from a site visitor asked about Loki. The visitor wanted to know how to approach this entity. Should Loki be treated like any God? Should Loki be trusted? Given that the Marvel Universe character based on Loki is popular, these are good questions. This is how I responded.

Possibility of War

I've heard many people seriously worried about the possibility of another World War. These worries occur from time to time, but seem more widespread. The future can be difficult to predict, unless you happen to be a God known as Far-Seeing.

Granite Man to Sand

I went to the Quiet Place and sat there to commune with the Silence. I thanked Vidar for the gifts He has given, but He seemed busy. I turned to leave. I felt Him call me back as if saying, "I'm not through with you." He gave me an image.


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