Preparing for Christmas

(NOTE: This article originally appeared on the old version of this web site. This is why it suggests that Yule is about over even though it isn't at this time.)

For the Asatruar, Yule is almost over. Hopefully, you have had time to think about the coming year and maybe make some plans. I would like you to take some time to think about how you will handle next year's Christmas celebration by the Christians.

No, this isn't a discussion about being more charitable to them, nor how to help your children deal with the onslaught of Christian imagery. No, this discussion addresses the Christmas Feeding Frenzy of shopping that happens every year, particularly in the United States.

You've seen it. They run around wild trying to buy gifts and decorations and every little piece of crap they can get their hands on. They even go into massive debt to do so. That is a huge amount of money leaving their hands and going to someone else's. Are some of those hands yours?

Now is the time to start your preparations to sell things to them next Christmas. Whether you just invest in companies you think will sell well next time, or if you start your own endeavor, please consider what you can do legally to get your share of the Christian money. Just think of the good you can do for the Asatru community by gaining this wealth.

It shouldn't be that hard. They tend to buy anything. There is even a market for craft items, especially those with a northern European bent. They even think the word "Yule" is one of theirs, so you can include that. In the big scheme of things, there is nothing wrong with wishing them a "Merry Christmas" since you are just hoping that they enjoy their celebration. After all, a happy customer is a paying customer.

Our ancestors were not just fierce warriors; they were also notable merchants. They went out into the world to sell to the other people and then bring the riches back home. We must learn from this model.

Please note that there is nothing wrong with doing this all year. In fact, it is encouraged. We should always be doing things to strengthen our community. The acquisition of wealth is a part of that. It is noble and right.