Granite Man to Sand

I went to the Quiet Place and sat there to commune with the Silence. I thanked Vidar for the gifts He has given, but He seemed busy. I turned to leave. I felt Him call me back as if saying, "I'm not through with you." He gave me an image.

The image was of a man made of granite standing next to a low wall. The man leapt sideways over the wall, diving into the ground on the other side. As he hit, he turned into yellow sand. The sand went everywhere.

That was all.

I'm still not sure about what the imagery means. Many of the visions Vidar shares with me are about what is going on in the world now or of things that are likely to happen in the future. This feels like it is from the future.

The sand seems like the spread of an idea, and not necessarily a good one. It left me feeling worried. The foreboding came in heavily.

Though I am still not sure about what it means, I do have a fear. The current president of the United States is not popular with some people. My fear is that someone will attempt to assassinate him. This would be a mistake. No matter who actually performed the deed, the political right would use it to sway opinion against the left in a strong way.

An attempt on the president's life would make him a martyr to the extreme right. Any opportunists on the right could fan that fire. Though they would start by going after the extreme left, it would quickly spread to anyone left-leaning such as progressives and liberal moderates. In the worst case, it could destabilize things enough to lead to civil war, at least in some regions. Either way, it would destabilize the United States.

This would be a serious issue for non-Christians. A rally of the extreme right would likely include the Christian extreme as well. Their attitude toward non-Christians is known.

Again, I'm not sure that the vision was referring to an assassination attempt, but it would be a concern. For the sake of everybody, we should hope that the current president leaves in a non-violent manner all within the law. We don't need that kind of chaos.


Interesting to hear about your meditations. Keep it up! I don't know how that imagery relates to an assassination of the president though...I see it more as him telling you that he is part of this earth, as we all are, and that eventually we all turn to dust - we are just borrowed parts of the earth itself and one day we give it all back. Vidar is a god I know little about, and do not know well. But I see this as him telling you to connect to the earth - his spirit went there in the vision, while the statue remained...just my interpretation of what you've stated.

I personally have been very focused in my meditations on my Fylgja. I have recently met him in a meditation and was able to communicate with him and him back. I have felt the gods but not been able to communicate with them, but through my Fylgja I am finding extreme success in this regard. Consider trying to focus on your Fylgja and then let the gods speak through him/her. But I'm pretty new to all this and am far from an expert - just speaking from what works for me.


Interpreting Vidar can be awkward at times. He is known as "The Silent" for a reason. Most of my meditations do focus on personal matters and I try not to bother Vidar; He and the others are very busy. In my life, I've only encountered Odin once (very intimidating), Frey a few times (very friendly), but Vidar seems to have decided He can "chat" with me for the past few decades.
When meditating in general, much of it is trying to make sure all my Nine parts are communicating and aware of what each it trying to accomplish. The other meditations are an attempt to be aware of the patterns of the Wyrd that would have a local impact.