Hate and Isolation

World news has been filled with the so-called Brexit; the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union. Since the decision to leave, ethnic violence and national identity have popped up as some of the primary motivators for voters who wanted to leave. As Asatru people, we can both understand this, and at the same time must avoid falling into this pattern.

The reason I say we understand it is that, in the distant past, we allowed a new religion to infiltrate our communities and it nearly destroyed our faith. It came in peacefully sometimes, and when it was strong enough, would come in with great violence. Our ancestors were forced to give up their culture or die.

The lesson we learned from that was to stay in our own tight-knit little groups and set up our defenses against outsiders, especially those from the invader's religion. It is normal for a kindred to have a formal procedure for bringing in new people, a procedure designed to keep out potential enemies.

Before the Worshippers of the Undead caused so much havoc for our forebears, our folk were travelers and merchants. We interacted with the world and were profitable as a result. Too often, our folk forget that part. The danger of the Levantine religions keeps us from reaching out.

It is important that we find a middle ground. We can be private and perform our ceremonies only with those of our tribe. Once our homes are secure, though, we must look out to the rest of the world and see them all as potential customers.

By being profitable, we grow our resources and power. This does two things. First, it gives us the needed resources to defend ourselves and our folk against those who would try to destroy us. Second, if others see us as successful, they will be more likely to become allies of the Gods themselves. Both of these are necessary if we are to really do the Gods' work.

So, meet quietly with your kindred. Watch over each other's children. Sing your songs and tell your tales, but when the morning comes, go boldly into the world and sell your wares and services. Bring in the resources of the others and add them to the hoards you and your folk are building. See three kinds of people: Folk, Customers, and Enemies. Make sure that Customers is the largest group and the Enemies is the smallest.