How Does a God Choose You?

Because I am a gothi dedicated to a specific deity, folks sometimes ask how a God chooses a person. Unfortunately, that is not a simple question and yet, there is a sort of simple answer.
At no time did I ever think of Vidar as choosing me. I always saw things as me hanging around so much that He just decided He should make use of me. That may or may not be how it happened; Gods are difficult to read most of the time.
Of course, there were good reasons for my seeking out Vidar. I like the quiet and He is sort of known for that. I am also interested in the future and how things of today will affect the things of later years. Since Vidar will be one of the survivors of the last battle and will sort of be in charge, He also has an interest in the future. He is called, "Far-Seeing" because He sees the distant future.
All of this sums up to me having some things in common with Vidar. We just sort of fit; at least from my point of view. Imagine setting a tuning fork on a shelf and finding the dish that vibrates in a harmonic of that frequency. It was as though I resonated with Vidar's presence in the worlds. It just felt right.
What if you haven't found one yet?
There are many Gods in Asatru. They all have different characteristics. They all perform different tasks in the battle to maintain dynamic balance between order and chaos. Likewise, there are many humans in the world and each of us has our part to play. For many of us, our part is sufficiently complex that we may not have a particular patron deity
That doesn't mean that you can't find your connection. It may just be a matter of learning more about the Gods. While doing so, you may just find that you are a little more interested in one over the others. This may lead you to your patron deity.
It is also possible to serve well with one of the Gods for a while and later move on to another. This doesn't mean that you are fickle, it just means that your part in the battle has shifted. The Gods usually know a bit more about things going on behind the scenes and are not going to be offended by such a change.
You've tried and still nothing?
Don't worry about it. It takes a lot of time and work to serve more directly with a God. They may need you to do things that require all of that time. It is best to live your life in a proper Asatru manner. That will earn you're the respect of all the Gods and the humans and all the other allies of the Gods.