Learn to Fight Like a Viking

Many Asatru people like the idea of being able to hold their own in a Viking-style combat situation. The thought swinging the sword or ax around or blocking the attack of an opponent with a shield just seems like fun. Unfortunately, most neighborhoods don't have Viking-style martial arts schools. In the Internet age, that is less of a problem thanks in part to the folks over at Hurstwic.

The Hurstwic group offer training videos and have centers where people learn to use Viking era weaponry and fighting techniques. They specialize in research and make a great effort to be historically accurate. That's always a good thing.

To encourage such research, they offer an Old Norse Language Boot Camp designed to get people up to speed. Such a thing will not make you an expert, but ti will get you into a position where you can use reference materials to do translations of things such as the Saga of the Icelanders. Of course, Icelandic has not changed much in the past thousand years, so it may help you with modern Icelandic as well.

Go check them out and see if there is anything of interest to you. If you know of other such groups, please mention them in the comments so other Asatruar can benefit from them. As always, be sure to obey local laws when taking your ax to somebody.


Thanks for the tip. Can you think of a particular video you thought was good?