Meet the Elves

In the northern hemisphere, Spring is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get out and enjoy nature. It’s also a good time to spend some time with the Elves.

In Asatru, Elves are nature spirits, typically affiliated with a particular type of terrain (though they can move if they like). Unlike the modern depiction, these are not necessarily the little faeries nor are the Elves from movies. These creatures are capable of taking on an assortment of forms. They can be friendly or hostile, just like any other type of entity, so it is a good idea to make friends with them.

One of the easiest ways to make friends with the Elves is to introduce yourself to them. This is an easy enough task. To start, get some bread or fruit. This should be something that you acquire just for this purpose, if possible. You are going to make a gift of it, so you want to be respectful about it.

Next, head out to a natural area. Your yard will do, or you can head to a park. Nature surrounds us, so you are sure to find something. Even in the most congested city, green will pop up through the cracks. Do the best you can. The Elves who tend to those choked off places are likely to appreciate your friendship too.

Now comes the introduction part. This is simple enough, and should be personal, but you can follow the pattern of a blot if you like. One difference is that, in a blot, you may set up a protected area and demand that unfriendly entities leave, but this is inappropriate when you are in nature. It’s not your home, but the home of other Things, so be respectful.

A typical ceremony may follow this pattern: Tell them why you are there; thank them for taking care of the area; apologize for people who do bad things; and offer your gift and your friendship. Again, be respectful and honest while you do this and everything should be fine.

After the greeting, you may want to have a bag or two with you. You did just tell the Elves that you were going to help. That includes picking up trash as you go. Sometimes, you will see more trash on your way out than on your way in. This is the Elves showing you the stuff they don’t want there. Keep your word and help by cleaning up. If you like, you can take multiple bags to separate different types of recyclables. One last thing on cleaning up: make sure there are no local ordinances that prohibit this.

During the rest of the year, be sure to stop by your new friends. They are friends, after all. Clean the area regularly. Bring a gift from time to time. Sometimes, just sit quietly to see if the Elves have anything to say to you.