Possibility of War

I've heard many people seriously worried about the possibility of another World War. These worries occur from time to time, but seem more widespread. The future can be difficult to predict, unless you happen to be a God known as Far-Seeing.

I went to the quiet place and asked Vidar about the worries of the day. Is another World War coming? Is erratic weather one of the signs of the Last Big Battle? What should I do to prepare? What should I tell others.

The images came through. Images of changing currents in the oceans came with the feeling that the weather issues are slow and long-term. The weather was not the Fimbulwinter. To me, that suggests we are not immediately headed to the Last Battle.

Then came images of small skirmishes throughout time. Along with these skirmishes came the images of small earthquakes, just tremors. We know tremors reduce tectonic stresses and prevent them from building into larger earthquakes. It seemed He implied that the small battles can prevent or postpone larger ones.

The next images showed maps of full scale invasions and marching of armies. Then came the images of earthquakes devastating large cities, with skyscrapers tumbling to rubble. Finally, I saw one tectonic plate subducted beneath another. The subducted one was destroyed almost utterly as its materials were consumed by the Earth. In the other plate, mountains rose to the sky.

I got the impression that though a World War may be inevitable, it may be some time yet before it gets here. That is somewhat good, though still worrisome. The question remains, what should we do about it?

When that war concludes, we need to make sure we are that new mountain range. We should be making those preparations in all we do. Learn all you can. Keep yourself as healthy as possible. Teach your children. Be involved in business and politics. Buy land, as much as you can. Learn to defend yourself and others, including enlistment in the military if applicable to your situation. When the next World War happens, we and our descendants must be ready not only to survive, but to thrive when it is over.


C'mon. There will definitely be another HUGE war at some point, it's just a matter of when. The news would suggest it's coming sooner than later - but stop being a sheep and quit buying that crap. Look around the world and see just how much is at stake - people have it too good and are not desperate enough to wage a war. Those who are a bit desperate see promise ahead (ex: India), and those who are really desperate are in Africa and are already waging lots of wars and don't have the resources to expand that elsewhere. Like you said, there's a lot of LONG TERM changes on the way - it'll be once we adjust and expectations aren't met, or are unequal, that people start getting pissed and are fired up to fight. Watch the skirmishes, it's reactions to those that spark the fire - but the fuel for the fire is there, there's just not enough of it yet.


That's sort of the point. Many people worry about whether or not there will be war soon. One should always act as though there will be such a conflict and prepare accordingly. Living in fear doesn't do anyone any good.