The Gods are Busy

I often go to the Quiet Place and commune with Vidar Leathershod. He gives me glimpses into things that are happening or are going to happen. Some of the images take some interpretation and others are very clear. For the past several months, the images have been brief but clear. The Gods are busy.
Prophecy says that there will be a day of the Last Battle, called Ragnarök or Gotterdammerung. At that time, the balance between order and chaos has been thrown so far off that the Gods must sacrifice Themselves to put things back. It will be a bad time and the Gods are in no hurry to get there. We humans are supposed to be Their allies in this battle and we should be helping to prevent the Last Battle.
The images from Vidar show the Gods working to keep the agents of chaos from fueling disruption. In many cases, this involves changing the direction of human events. An example would be the recent elections in France where the more moderate candidate won instead of the one that would eventually promote war and hatred.
Much political turmoil in our modern world is between different branches of monotheistic religion. In the early forms of their religious writings, their god always shows up as fire. The reason is that this entity is actually a fire ettin, an agent of chaos. We must do our best to minimize the extremists of these fire worshipers by encouraging wholesome behavior.
Live honorably. Work hard and diligently. Be honest with yourself and others. Keep the peace and defend everyone in your community, regardless of who they think they worship. Only by being full allies of the Gods can we help them stave off that Last Battle.


- The Ragnarok is almost certainly a cultural pollution imposed on ancient Germanic religions by Christians who lived after the last "vikings" had been gon for a century or more. It has no validity as a theological concept in greater Germanic, and Norse, Heathenry. Even Christianity's silly "Revelations" is more in line with their religion than the Ragnarok is with ours, and it was just a coded diatribe by a political outcast, slandering Nero that later era Christians mistook for prophecy.

- "Only by being full allies of the gods can we blah blah blah" Nonsense. Odin has turned nations against each other in a Darwinist effort to create and cull the best warriors to stock Valhol. Alliance has nothing to do with it. The gods are not your personal friends. They are distant and "other". Please take your Clozapine.