The Third Conversation

Younger: How can I get to the other Worlds?

Elder:: Everybody goes to at least one other World, when they die.

Younger: I was hoping to do more of a visit, like a tourist or something.

Elder:: There are tales of people accidentally falling through pathways between the Worlds. The more common thing is for a skilled person to meditate and only send part of themself through the Wyrd to make the journey. This is part of a practice called Seid.

Younger: The Wyrd is what connects everything, right?

Elder:: Yes, since everything is essentially made up of the Wyrd, it connects everything. You are of the Wyrd. I am of the Wyrd. Your lunch was of the Wyrd. Everything is of the Wyrd.

Younger: So all the other Worlds are also of the Wyrd and we're already connected to them.

Elder:: Yes, but we are predominantly made to interact with the Middle World, so we don't go to the other Worlds easily.

Younger: The other Worlds aren't made of the same stuff as ours?

Elder:: That is difficult to know because we are limited by the nature of our experiences. The Norse say there are Nine Worlds, but the Saxons recognized only Seven. There is an obvious disconnect. Some say the Worlds are in different locations, but others have suggested that the Worlds are all in one location, but at different frequencies or dimensions. Until humans are better able to experience a more complex universe, the real answers remain hidden.

Younger: But you said I could send part of me to another World with meditation.

Elder:: Correct. Humans are made up of nine parts. One of those parts is called the fetch. Your fetch tends to travel away from your body and is more closely aligned with the basic nature of the Wyrd. When you encounter a fetch, it usually has the form of an animal. Some consider this the basis for stories about witches' familiars and Christians' guardian angels.

Younger: So I just need to find my fetch and get it to do my bidding?

Elder:: Your fetch is already part of you. When you use personal pronouns like "I" it should already include the fetch. What you need to do is get your conscious mind to be more aware of the other parts of you. At that point, all of you can coordinate to meet your goals. Your fetch will then be able to help the rest of you in the same way your hand can scratch your nose.

Younger: It sounds like I need to learn a lot more about myself before I can start learning about the Worlds.

Elder:: It tends to happen simultaneously.

Younger: So I just meditate until my thinking brain becomes aware of my fetch and then ask the fetch to go look at the other Worlds and tell me about it when it gets back.

Elder:: Sort of. Remember that your fetch and the other parts are all one being. Each part, however, has a slightly different nature. Each can only understand things within the context of that nature. You'll find this as you explore more.

Younger: Then how can I really see what the other Worlds are like or try to learn from them?

Elder:: The usual meditation is to picture a portal in your mind. When the portal opens, project yourself through. It is said that what you see is your best understanding of what is there in the context of the part of you that is seeing it. Your fetch is acting somewhat like a modern drone and providing a feed to the rest of you.

Younger: Does that really work?

Elder:: Some say it does. Others argue that it is just an exploration of one's own mind. You can experiment and make your own decision.

Younger: You do that a lot. You tell me something and then tell me I have to decide what to believe. Don't you ever just say here's the facts?

Elder:: That's correct. I am always learning new things and sometimes new things change my understanding of old things. I've also met many people who believe differently but only because their path has shown them different aspects of the universe. You really do have to experience all of this for yourself.

Younger: Isn't there anything you can say for sure?

Elder:: I am fairly confident that I can encourage behaviour but not belief. As Asatru people, we may not convert the people of this World to our religion, but we can encourage them to behave the way Asatru people should behave. I am sure that we are allies of the Gods and that it is our responsibility to maintain the dynamic balance between order and chaos in order to guide wholesome growth in our own World. In the same way, I will suggest to you things you can do and learn, but I cannot command your understanding or beliefs.

Younger: I think that makes sense. Are you going to recommend a bunch of books for me?

Elder:: Just a couple this time.

  • Wyrdworking by Alaric Albertsson The first chapter has a good discussion of the parts of a person, such as the fetch
  • Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic by Jenny Blain The practice called Seid involves meditation and interacting directly with the Wyrd and the other Worlds.

Important Points from the Conversation

  1. Travel to the other of the Nine Worlds is possible through meditative practice. Seid practitioners often do this.
  2. Everything is made of the Wyrd. That means that all things are connected. Becoming more attuned to the Wyrd makes you more attuned to everything else.
  3. The human person is made up of nine parts, with each part having its own composition and experience in the world. Together, these parts are a single entity. Through meditation, your conscious mind can become more aware of the thoughts of the other parts.
  4. Every person will have their own experiences. That makes it difficult to change a person's beliefs to something specific. It is easier to guide them to change their actions to something more wholesome.