Visions of Land

I went to the Quiet Place and I listened... The Leathershod was there. He looked at me and then looked into the distance. I followed His gaze as best I could and this is what I saw. There was a map of the world with territories mapped out. An area marked in brown was noted as the land owned by Asatruar. As time passed, the ownership spread. Before long, we owned much of the north-central United States, north-western Europe, and much of the Australian coast.

The image shifted. The land we owned was not just our private residences, but we owned farms and commercial land as well. We cared for the land and set up land stewardship programs. We made the land healthy as well as profitable. We set up renewable energy collection on the land and we grew our wealth.

The image shifted. The Asatruar were headed into space. At first we just mined the asteroids and set up solar collection stations in orbit around the sun. As our technology grew, we expanded into the stars. I saw ships with Asatru symbols. One ship was emblazoned with the image of Thor's Hammer. Another had a Golden Boar, and yet another had a Cat with amber eyes. A new age of explorers spread throughout the galaxy to pursue growth and to the be allies of the Gods.

Then He looked back at me and nodded. I nodded back and understood that I was to pass this vision to the others. With respect, I left the Quiet Place and returned home.