Faring Forth

Reader Astrid asked about the practice of Faring Forth. This is where we visit the other of the Nine Worlds without having to die first. It is an interesting activity and others may want to know about it, so this is what you need to know to get started.

As you know, we live in one of Nine Worlds. Ours is the Middle World and we are bound to it through our body, sometimes called the lich (pronounced like "leech"). Each of us is made up of nine parts and the body is just one of them. One of the others is the fetch and it travels freely throughout the worlds. Most of the time, our conscious mind is not aware of this travel. When we fare forth, we really are just strengthening our awareness of our fetch. Once we strengthen that connection, our conscious mind can encourage the fetch to go to particular places.

One thing to keep in mind is that the fetch sees things differently compared to our conscious mind. That means that the images you get may not be easy to interpret, especially in your early days of practice. Try to be patient and try not to jump to conclusions when interpreting things.

The Technique

There are many varieties of ways to fare forth. I present this one as a good place to start. Just be careful while you are faring forth to not put yourself in danger. It is also a good idea to have an alarm clock handy if you have some place to be after your attempt; it is normal to fall asleep while learning this technique.

The first thing is to find an appropriate place. The place should be safe and fairly private, if possible. It is also best if it is quiet and somewhat dark. You want to minimize distractions, especially until you build some skill.

The Hood

Next, you want to cover your head with a hood or other cloth. Though hoods and cloaks are traditional, any cloth will do. This cloth helps insulate you from the distractions around you. It also becomes part of the ceremony of faring forth and will improve your efficiency in time. One thing to keep in mind, the hood should not cut off your air supply; you want to be able to breathe.

You want to sit in a comfortable position. You will be there for a while and, if you do happen to fall asleep, you don't to have back pain. It's best to have your spine straight and your airways clear. Breathing is an important part of this practice.


To start the meditation part, you will do controlled breathing. Inhale for a count of nine. Hold your breath for a count of three, seven, or nine, whichever is most comfortable for you. Then exhale for a count of nine. Repeat this pattern. As a side note, if you want to improve your concentration, repeat this pattern for nine sets of nine for a total of eighty-one. Keeping track of which breath you are on requires lots of concentration.

Next comes the visualization. Try to picture a door in your mind. While you relax and focus on your breathing, wait for the door to open. When it opens, you will likely see one of three things: your fetch, your double (from the back), or nothing. If you see your fetch or double, try to imagine your vision stretching until you are seeing through their eyes. Once you can do that, you can follow them wherever they go and see what they see. If you see nothing at the door, just be patient and wait.


When you return, it means you have lost contact and must now focus on the Middle World. Take a few deep breaths. Stretch out your arms and back a little. Try to nibble on a little light food to help ground you. When you do stand up, take it easy; it is easy to fall over. Most importantly, take the time to write down the images that you saw. Don't interpret them yet; just record them.

Falling Asleep

If you fell asleep, don't worry about it. Your body was very relaxed and there is some chance that you needed a bit of sleep. It is also perfectly normal for a person who is learning this technique to drift off a few times. If you are sitting in a safe place, you should still be safe when you sleep. Make sure to write down your dreams in case some of them were really visions. Again, don't interpret; just record.

Who Will You Meet?

While you are faring forth, you may meet other entities. Some will be friendly and others won't. It's just like meeting people in the Middle World. Be polite and respectful, but don't automatically trust everyone you meet.


Some people are worried that there may be some supernatural threat to their bodies while they are out. That is extremely unlikely for two reasons. First, except for your fetch, the parts of your body are surrounded by one of your other components, the Hama which is sort like an intelligent defender energy. When the new-agers talk about your aura, they are talking about your Hama, though their description of it is a little off.

The second reason that you are safe is that you haven't actually gone anywhere, you have just connected better to the part of you that is already out. Your fetch is out and about all the time. It doesn't come back in. When you are faring forth, it is just your conscious mind being more aware of the feedback from your built-in remote telemetry unit. Because of this, your body is never unoccupied and therefore not susceptible to possession.

Time to Get Started

That is all there is to getting started. After that, things have to develop in a personal way that is different for each practitioner. Please give it a try. Just remember to be safe and never interpret until you have had a chance to recover from your trip.


Unfortunately, we have lost much of the historical details of other rituals and practices. However, many of the related practices have an equivalent that shows up in almost all human cultures. That means we can take the stuff we learn from others where we do have some details and then apply what we do know about our history. Many of these things fit into the field called shamanism and there is no reason to believe that our ancestors didn't do the same things, only with a Norse or German accent.