In Defense of Icelanders

Regular visitor Andrew sent to me a link to an article describing how the Asatru Organization Ásatrúarfélag was receiving hate mail from people in other countries who claim to be Asatru. The mail attacks the inclusiveness of Ásatrúarfélag. At first, reading this made me really angry, but then I thought we may be able to turn it around.
To me, the white supremacists who use our religion as a mask for their intolerance for others are one of the reasons we have a hard time developing our numbers. The Nazis and similar groups get lots of attention and we end up having to explain to people that we aren't with those people. Unfortunately, one can't go beat each of those people until they know better, so we are stuck with them for the time being. Someday, though…
The more important thing now is that we show our support to our compatriots in Iceland. We need to let the Ásatrúarfélag know that they are not alone, that there are others out here in the rest of the world. That's why I propose an email campaign to just say we support them. It may not be much, but the spiritual connection and support can have a powerful effect.
So, please send an email to with the subject, "We Support You". (The majority of Icelanders speak English, and it seems most visitors to this site do as well.) You can put a supportive, friendly message in the body of the email, possibly telling them where you are from. If you are not sure what to put, you can copy and paste this:

Hello, Brothers and Sisters;
I am an Asatru person from <your location> and I want you to know that I support your tolerant interpretation of our religion. Keep up the good work and know that you are not alone in the world.
Go with the Gods;
<your name>

Like the way that family can have a binding spiritual energy that makes it stronger, so can a community. Though the Internet, our community can cover the world.