Media Ownership

I went to a quiet place and there sat in commune with the silence. The image came to mind of an office where people signed a contract. The contract set up a mutual fund used to buy ownership into media companies.
Kindreds and other Asatru organizations set up agreements with Asatru-friendly fund managers. The members of the groups voluntarily contributed money to the funds, thereby buying their own little pieces of the funds. Though there were many types of funds used by these groups, the ones shown in this vision focused on media companies.
There came a time when these funds would be the majority owners in newspaper and television stations. As the ownership grew, this was enough to have an effect on the reporting being done. The Asatruar insisted that the news be as unbiased as possible.
One side effect of these purchases was that Christian extremists lost their electronic pulpits from which to spew their hate-filled rhetoric. With time, the perception that these extreme views somehow represented the majority of people dwindled. Instead, the citizenry read and heard about Asatru ethics of Honor, hard work, and self-sacrifice.
The extra profits from these endeavors worked toward the purchase of even more of the media. In time, we owned it all. The news media then blended with the efforts in the entertainment industry.