Gods, Goddesses, and Others

Of course, the whole point of all of this is to help your group interact better with the Gods. You had better know who those Gods are. You should probably be able to point out the ones who aren't Gods. Yea, just try to know everybody. Start by reading the Prose Edda and go from there.

When you are just starting out, you learn the names of the best know Gods and Goddesses. As you read Their exploits you get to know more about the Nine Worlds and their other dwellers. This is a good start, but you really have to study to get to know more.

The Gods and Goddesses, as well as all the others, haven't been static the past thousand years. Everybody has been up to the business of living, even if most humans have turned their backs on it. That means you have a lot to learn.

In addition to hitting the books to get the history, a good "Professional Gothi" would be busy finding out what the Gods are up to today. You need to do this in a respectful manner, of course. How did our ancestors find out? You need to do the same thing. Consider some time under the hood, or build a better relationship with your fetch.

Once you find these things, you need to communicate them with others. Try to seek out others who are also staying in contact with the Gods and share your insights. They may have something to add.