Not All Christians are Bad

We have a long history of not getting along with Christians. Frankly, the members of that religion have earned the animosity we feel. Between treachery and open hostility over the centuries, they have sought to destroy us. However, the average Christian doesn't really understand that. Put simple, they aren't all bad.

Asatru is a religion that emphasizes personal strength. We tell you to work hard and do your best. We also recognize that everyone's best is going to peak at different levels. Though we consider no one useless (unless they try really hard) some people feel left out.

Christianity values the group. They tell each person that they are valuable in the eyes of their god and that things will equal out in the end. They do that because it is important to them to build the size of their groups. The political, worldly power of Christianity comes from the strength in numbers. With this strength, they have swarmed with great effectiveness.

They Don't Know Better

Most Christians don't know their religion well, and their leaders use this. Many are pop-culture Christians, only knowing the basics of the religion and then filling in the rest with the works of artists. Historically, artists created the common depictions of their angels and devils, which contradict the depictions in their religious writings, but most Christians only know those blond angels with swan wings. Despite their book saying something different, many American Christians believe they become angels when they die, just because that is how television portrays the idea.

Why do they become Christians if they don't know much about it? It is the only religion they know. They grow up surrounded by it and never know they have options. For many of them, if they had been born in an area dominated by another religion, such as Hinduism or Buddhism, they would now be Hindu or Buddhist. These people just want to belong to a group and Christianity is the group they find.

Still a Threat

Just because they haven't given it that much thought doesn't make them safe. The desire to belong to a group can make even the most passive person join the swarm. This is why Christianity demands conversion, to build the size of those groups for power.

What can we do in the face of such a large threat? Like with any swarm, you keep an eye on it. You watch for anything that will agitate the group, especially the leaders. Some leaders may see you as a target because it will distract the swarm from something else the leader doesn't want them to see.

From a less metaphorical view, we have to be respectable and strong. The Christian leadership will always call us evil, but we must give them less to go on. Always be respectable and charitable. Be a force for frith in your community. Work hard and maintain yourself. Work to be healthy and do not engage in self-destructive activity such as drug use.

Still, you must be prepared to defend yourself. Try to keep your preparations in the background. There is no need to be extremely sneaky about it, but you don't want people to see you as some heavily armed nut who is going to go berserk. Treat your defenses as you would your fire extinguishers; you have them, but they are only there in case of emergency. Also, keep it legal. It is easier for the Christian leaders to call you evil if you are behind bars.

Improved Image

We also need to improve our appearance in popular culture. There is a stereotype of the long-haired, over-weight Viking wannabe driving a beat up car and forgetting to shower. There is nothing wrong with long hair. We should all strive to maintain a healthy weight and good hygiene. You have to drive the car that you can afford. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with an Asatru guy in a really nice suit and tie getting out of his Volvo. There is nothing wrong with an Asatru woman leading a board meeting. We should not have trouble presenting ourselves as great political and financial leaders in the world while still being properly Heathen.


So, please keep in mind that most Christians are good people who just don't know better. We help them to know better by setting a good example as successful, hard-working, reliable, respectable Heathens. Be prepared for the worst, but you should always work for the better.


The law, and the masses, will ultimately go where they think success, power, and safety are. That's why it is so important for us to encourage all Asatruar to become as successful as they can stand. Even the ones who don't want to be managers or politicians should strive to be the top of whatever they are doing.

I've seen articles where some Christians complain about their brethren switching to their ancestral religion. We will have to help them as best we can.