The Middle East

I went to the Quiet Place and there sat in commune with the silence.

Most Asatru people have an inclination to help those who need it. That's why I am saddened by the plight of the non-combatants stuck in the war-stricken areas of the Middle East and Africa. Religious extremists wage war on everybody, and the families who just want to live suffer.

One could say that it is the responsibility of those families to rise up and defend themselves; that if they choose to die without fighting they get what they deserve. However, the Lay of Rig tells us that there are different social classes and only some of them are warriors. Those warriors defend the farmers and the artisans. It seems there are no warriors defending them, at least, not in any effective way.

So, I asked the Far-Seeing about this. He indicated patience. He showed images of a leader rising up from the ranks of the oppressed. This leader was local to that area and rallied those who were tired of the zealots killing everyone. Then I saw a map with several secular states, divided by tribal and cultural boundaries. I saw news of strict laws against extremism, but I also saw colleges and happy, progressive people.

Still, I wondered how a local man from people nearly crushed to death could manage this. He showed me the image of Vladimir Putin and shipments of arms. He showed a map of Russian trade routes to the south.

As someone raised in the United States, there is always in me a suspicion when the Russians do something. Vidar sensed my concern and I felt His point that there will be peace for a time. The growing chaos will be calmed and the Last Battle will be staved off a little longer.

All of this put my mind a little more at ease. I had many more questions, but Vidar was on His way elsewhere. One of my biggest questions was why the United States wouldn't help build up such a secular leader. My instincts say there are two reasons. The obvious one is that new nations developing in the Middle East would disrupt oil trade. The other is that many Americans hope that violence in the Middle East will hasten the return of Jesus, so they don't really want peace.

With that, I left the Quiet Place.