Vidar's Gothi

Who is Vidar's Gothi

The leaves on the path changed to needles from pine.
My footfalls no longer echoed on trees.
The birds stopped their singing; no breeze moved the limbs.
The ancient stone stared everywhere at once.
The Walker beside me made not a whisper,
But stared far forward as though scanning the sky.
I looked to where he looked out on the horizon.
With His hand on my shoulder, I saw more than I could.

I've always found peace in the quiet places. As a child, I hid wherever I could find silence. The whisper of winds dancing over the bean fields was noisy enough for the likes of me. People complain that I'm sneaking when I'm not.

When I became Asatru, there were three gods encountered. The first was Thor, the ancient Thunderer. I found his power rolling through prairie storms. I connected his energy to a poem I never found again. That told which gods I should be aware.

The next I found resting near a field on a summer day. It was Frey, the Lord of Fields, tending his place. He was friendly and casual, with easy advice. We've encountered since then, but we don't hang out.

The third I noticed in my quiet places. He seemed to enjoy the peacefulness too. He seemed to appreciate my appreciation and took me in tutelage for quiet ways. That's when I learned to see as the Far Seer. That's when I knew the patterns lead where.

Since that time, many years ago, I've encountered others of the godly kind that wander these worlds. Frigga and Freya and Sif and Magni, as well as others I have met in passing. They are most affable in their demeanor. Still always my primary, my patron if you will, has been the Wolf Ripper and shall always be. Though, by very nature, I've been slow to tell.

Hail to Vidar! Hail the Wolf Ripper! Hail the Far-Seer! Hail the Silent One! Forward goes everything into the future, but where we are going, Vidar sees the best.

I am the priest now, the speaker for the Silent, with some knowledge of his godly will. It is time to impart this knowledge he's given me for the betterment of the Children of Ash and Elm. I welcome you to this Web Site where I present his gifts. I hope you will find them useful to you. I speak for the Silent, with my hood pulled down, reminded that typing is silent too.