If you have heard anything about Asatru as a religion, you have probably heard of Odin. He is pretty important to the religion, and thus, to the worlds. He and His brothers have been around longer than the worlds. It will do you good to get to know Him.

In the United States, He is known primarily as Odin. You may encounter other names from different dialects of the northern languages. You may hear of Othinn, Wotan, and others. You may find yourself more comfortable with one of His names and you should feel free to use that name. Just be aware that Odin has traveled much and is known in many locations by many names.

Odin is the chief of the Gods. This makes Him the political and religious leader of the Gods and, by extension, the rest of us. His wisdom is always trusted, even if He sometimes isn't. More on that later.

You will hear of Odin being called All Father. He is not the literal father of the Gods. This title is a title of respect, much like a godfather in a mob movie. He is treated as a patriarch. Of course, some of the Gods are His offspring. The ever popular Thor is one of His sons, as is Vidar!

Odin keeps Himself busy. He has been around since the beginning and knows that the worlds are made through a combination of Fire (energy without form, absolute chaos) and Ice (form without energy, absolute order). We only live through the dynamic balance between these forces. By "we" I mean everyone in all the Nine Worlds, every plant, animal, God, human, and every other creature. As long as the dynamic balance can be maintained, the worlds stay alive.

There are forces that want to push the worlds out of balance. There are the forces of chaos and the forces of order that want to burn or freeze the whole of everything. It is probably a good idea if somebody puts a stop to that sort of nonsense.

That's what Odin does. Sometimes He goes forth to engage in combat against the enemies. At other times, He is more like a super spy engaged in espionage to covertly nudge forces to be in the right places at the right times. As you can guess, this is a full time job and it has to figure into everything He does.

Since He is so busy, you may wonder if you should ever bother Him if you need help. As a general rule, there are other Gods who may be able to help you, though They are busy with Odin's work too. If you feel the need to call on Odin, please do so. It may actually be part of the plan!

There is one thing to keep in mind. Fighting for the continued existence of everything is a full time job. If Odin is going to take the time to assist you, He may have to include you in the plans. That means that extracting you out of your situation may result with you having a new situation that may be more adventurous than you are expecting. It doesn't mean that you will definitely get bad results if you call on Odin; it just means that you should be prepared for the unexpected.

There is plenty of written material about Odin out there for you to read. He has many devoted followers who work with Him. If you can find one, you may be able to find out more about the All Father.