Ul, God of Winter

It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere. By the skis of Ul, it's snowy and cold out there. Snow and cold are things that are not very friendly to human life. Fortunately there is help: the God of Winter, Ul.

Ul has many characteristics that show up in winter. He is seen with skis, a bow, and a shield. All of these things are part of winter life in earlier times. The skis make perfect sense; they make it easier to get around in snowy weather. Since farming slows down in winter, the bow allows for hunting to augment the food supplies. The shield, well that requires a more detailed explanation.

The cold comes from the north, bringing or brought by the frost giants. That's a bad thing. The deep cold causes damage to things in the ground. Many of those things in the ground are needed for healthy crops in the following year. The ground needs protection. That's where the shield comes in.

Keep in mind that Ul is a god and many of his items are symbolic to make them easier for humans to understand them. Ul protects the ground with a shield of snow. That layer of snow not only protects the ground from the harshest of cold temperatures, but it provides moisture for that plants will need in the spring. The snow shield is very important.

For many today the agricultural aspects of Ul's duties seem a bit distant from day to day life, even though you probably want cheaper food products. Still, it is a good idea to be familiar to Ul. He is the god of winter. You probably have to do things like drive or otherwise be out in the cold and snow. If you find yourself in harrowing winter situation, it may be a good time to pray to Ul for a little help.

Before that happens, you may want to be sure to include Ul in your blots and and other activities. If you get a chance, take a little food out for the winter critters. Give thanks to Ul for his protection of the land. Maybe take up skiing and/or archery. Ul is a little solitary most of the time, but he still likes to gather with those who know the value of a warm hearth. Offer him up a pint.