Frey Station

I went to the quiet place and there sat in commune with the silence. The image came to mind of the dark expanse of space. A metal wall came into view and the Runes on it said "Frey Station".

The wall was part of a large, hexagonal structure. Wide, metal tubes connected this part to many other hexagons. They formed a three-wide line of honeycomb that stretched into space. They curved so that each had a face directed at the sun.

This was a farm. Each hexagonal pod contained everything needed to harvest sunlight and convert it into food. Transport vessels carried the food to asteroid mines and returned the waste products for recycling.

The people there formed a community with a culture steeped in both old and new agriculture. They worshipped the Old Way. Their children grew up in the community and, even if they left to join the mines in search of adventure, usually returned home to continue the traditions.

As the community grew and the need for food grew in the other places, they built more hexagons and the farm stretched further around the sun. Materials from the asteroid belts and other bodies in space provided the materials, and the workers in those places provided the need.

The words came like the echoes of whispers, "When the time comes…" and the image changed to brightness.


It is always difficult to be sure what the Silent One is thinking. He sees from here to the distant future and His advice to us is to help prepare us for those things to come.