Thor's Hammer Pendants

Thor's Hammer

Many Asatru people wear Hammer necklaces. These Hammers are representative of Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir. For some, it is a protective amulet. For others, it is just a reminder of their connection with the Gods. Either way, it is a symbol of the religion called Asatru.

Thor protects the Nine Worlds for the forces of fire and ice. He is also one of the most human-like of the Gods and likes many of the things that most humans like: doing one's best and then gathering with the folk to eat, talk, and knock back a few cold ones. For this reason, Thor is one of the more popular Gods and more people turn to Him when they want to connect. He is the defender.

Not all Asatruar wear Hammers. Some wear the symbols of other Gods, Runes, family or personal symbols, or just heirlooms or items of personal significance. One is not actually required to wear a necklace at all. That means that you can wear what you want as an expression of your faith. The Hammer just happens to be the most common and the most recognizable.

Of course, just because you see someone wearing a Thor's Hammer, you should not assume that person is Asatru. Among the non-Asatru people, the Thunderer is the most popular and recognizable God. The Marvel comic books have helped with that. If you see someone with a Hammer and you are curious about their beliefs, just say, "Nice Hammer; is it decorative or religious?" If they are Asatru, they will probably admit it. If they are not Asatru, it is a good time to mention to them that the Asatru people wear such Hammers. There is a good chance that this person is not aware that our religion still exists, and may be a potential convert.

If you do not have a Hammer pendant and would like them, they are readily available. Do a web search for "Thor's Hammer Pendant" and several sites are likely to appear. Alternately, you can always make one yourself using whatever craft skills you possess. There are no rules regarding material, though you won't want to set off any allergies you may have. Iron, silver, bronze, and gold are common materials for Hammers, but there are no rules that say your pendant must be made of metal.

Once you get you Hammer, take some time to cleanse it and to think about what it means to you. Think about Thor and all the work He has done in the cause of the Nine Worlds and humanity. Think about the work you have done and will do. Try to see the connection between Thor and you. If appropriate, consider having a good beer and making an offering to the Thunderer.

You don't have to wear a Hammer, but you might find it a good way to announce quietly to other Asatruar that you maintain your troth. It may give you comfort in times of stress. It may also help connect your to Thor when the need arises.