Why is Thor so Popular?

I've often been asked why Thor is so popular. He is one of the best known Gods, even outside of the Asatru folk. There is a major comic book franchise based on Him. That is mighty impressive in a heavily Christian world. So what does He have that makes His comic books sell better than those of other religious figures?

There are several good reasons why the Thunderer is popular with the Children of Ash and Elm (that's Asatru speak for "humans"). The simplest reason is that He is the most simple to understand. His job is to defend. He travels the Nine Worlds and fights in the most literal way. He takes His big Hammer and thumps the bad guys. He doesn't spend all His time plotting like Odin does; He just smashes things as necessary. Most people can relate to that, especially if they have ever been in traffic.

All that travel has brought Him to Midgard (the human world) very often. That has resulted in lots of contact with people. Since most people are not in the bad guy category, and therefore not in need of a thumping, He has been very well received. This is particularly true after He has completed His mission and the people are safe. That's when the party starts.

By party, I mean relaxing, drinking, and eating. That is what Thor does when He is not out fighting the good fight. This is yet another reason that people love Him. Think of all the people you know who like to kick with food and drink with good friends. It sounds like Thor would fit right in. As a side note, the Thunderer is often thought of as the God of Motorcycles.

So that is it. Thor is popular among humans because He is someone they can all get along with and respect. He is the one that fits in the best when He is here. No ominous portents, no sad gaze of knowing your doom, He just wants to share cold beer and fun stories with you. If He wasn't a God, He would probably be just one of us: a large, red-bearded, Hammer wielding, member of the human race.