Heathen Town Welcomes You

Road Sign says: Heathen Town Welcomes You

I went to the quiet place and there sat in commune with the silence. The image delivered to me showed a small city. There were homes, green spaces, schools, and businesses. The roads leading into the city carried the same sign: Heathen Town Welcomes You!

Some heathens decided to go to a particular small suburb of a city that wasn't too large. Poorly developed, the suburb's property prices were low. As a suburb, it had access to jobs in the attached city. With these conditions, and the spread of the plan, Asatruar from far away converged there.

As the Asatru population increased, the crime rate dropped. The Neighborhood Watch was very effective. There were no gangs. An occasional idiot crusader invaded the town, but the people handled these criminals quickly and legally. The Asatru people also kept their environment clean with litter removal and recycling.

To meet the needs of the growing Asatru populations, Asatru-owned businesses popped up. This spread to Asatru-oriented financial institutions such as investment firms and insurance companies.

With an Asatru majority population, the city government quickly filled with Asatruar. Early attempts by Christian politicians to limit Asatru gatherings with zoning and permit laws were a thing of the past. Eventually, non-Asatru people came to the public festivals to have a good time. Many outsiders started coming around for Asatru weddings because they are more fun and focus more on the couple than on some church.

The biggest impact was on the school. Asatru schools teach science and technology. Asatru schools teach personal responsibility and self-defense. Asatru schools teach commerce. With the Asatru community in charge of its own schools, the children educated there were better prepared for the future than their Christian counterparts. This served them well during the Thumper Rebellion.

Success brought converts. More people became Asatru. More communities sprang up with the original Heathen Town as the model. Eventually, there were states in the West and Midwest United States that became majority Asatru.

It all started with a community.


The vision didn't specify a time or place. Asatru people are inventive and resourceful.