Veterans and Asatru: Thor's Hammer

One source of stress for new Heathens is that the Christians will belittle your religion. They will tell you that you are just connected to some fringe group and that you will eventually need to grow up. That's just a tool they use to make themselves seem normal. The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs would disagree with them.

You may have seen that soldiers who have passed can get official grave markers, often with religious symbols on them. A couple of years ago, the government decided that Thor's Hammer should be one of the options for those markers. Of course, they didn't do this on their own; it was instigated by Amy veteran Josh Heath of the Open Halls Project. Here's an article detailing what happened:How Thor's Hammer Became an Approved Symbol by the Veteran's Administration

So, the next time someone tries to make you feel foolish for your faith, just remind them that they are deluding themselves and that they live in a bigger world than they understand. Asatru is growing and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Then, tell them to ask Odin for guidance.