How to Worship Vidar

Hail Vidar the Silent!
Hail Vidar the Wolf Ripper!
Hail Vidar the Far Seer!

You may be wondering how one goes about worshipping a deity whose primary tendency is to stare off into the future to a time when he will rip a monster wolf in half from the jaws back. That can be a tricky one. Fortunately, it is not that difficult.

One must make the distinction between the usual, day-to-day worshipping and the formal ceremony sort of worship. The normal day-to-day worship involves meditation on Vidar, who He is, and what He stands for. The ceremonial worship can be a little more complex.

There are three forms of formal worship presented here: individual, family, and group. The complexity grows as the size of the group grows. The ability to respect the silence decreases with the increasing size of group as well. You must keep this in mind.

Regardless of the group size, there are several common features to ceremonial worship. First, it should be held as quietly as possible. He is Vidar the Silent. We must respect that and the air of silence that surrounds Him. Naturally, a group worship will not be completely silent, but there is nothing wrong with hushed tones. We must be respectful.

Secondly, it is convention to hold the ceremony in a quiet, out of the way, natural space. This isn't always possible in an urban area, but we must try to match the spirit of the matter if we can't meet the physical requirements. Again, the respect is the main idea.

The third is left over from old times. It is custom to take a small scrap of leather and leave it for Vidar as a gift. When His fight with the wolf comes, He will place his boot onto the lower jaw of the beast and will need the extra protection to prevent the fangs from going through the sole. Again, this is tradition.
Keeping these in mind, we go on to the worship ceremonies for the three group sizes.